One-night, the devil disguised himself as a good-looking

One of the children been able to hide under a couch and fled on the lookout for a priest. This 1, together with his prayers, were able to save your self our home as well as the whole household.

6- The elf

The elf was a mythical animal from different parts of Ecuador that inhabits the forests and jungles of the country. That one often sits on big rocks when you look at the rivers and is also outlined to him wear a big hat and dark garments.

This personage usually falls deeply in love with breathtaking women to who he starts to follow. It calls your focus by organizing rocks or whistling and is envious when lovers show up.

Some think they aren’t separated elves, but of a complete people this is certainly distributed along caves, gorges and rivers.


7- Kuartam the toad

This misconception says to the story of a hunter of Shuar customs which registered the woodland. His wife had warned him to not mock the sound of a toad to have it.

Affirmed, the huntsman within his routine ran in to the certain sounds and then he failed to see the mocking tone. The irritating toad changed into a puma and ate a portion of the man’s human body.

Their spouse, upon discovering how it happened, decided to take revenge and find the toad. As soon as the guy think it is, the guy pulled across tree upon which he was resulting in the animal’s demise. Inside woman could find the stays of the woman partner.

8- Etsa together with demon Iwia

Iwia got a demon whom accustomed torment the Shuar society into the forest. One-day he devoured all people in a family except that a little youngsters (Etsa). The guy grabbed him to their lair in which the guy raised him and made your genuinely believe that he had been their daddy.

Etsa, grew up with his task were to supply wild birds to Iwia for treat. One-day the guy knew there had been no further birds leftover inside forest and he became family with a dove named Yapankam.

She informed him just what got taken place to their moms and dads and informed her that strategy to go back the birds into the forest were to place the feathers in blowpipe and strike. Very did Etsa and made a decision to eliminate the devil to relieve the birds off escort sites their yoke.

9- Nunkui and cassava

The Shuar have used all the resources of the flatlands they inhabited. One-day Nunkui, mother earth, granted the village to his child as a gift. The guy cautioned them that if they grabbed care of their, he’d give them edibles of most manner but that when these people were mistreated they might endure once again from appetite.

The Shuar accepted and were able to select a volume of edibles at their own fingertips. One-day the children for the people mistreated the little one and, in abuse, the land ingested the meals. Which is why these days, areas eg cassava have to be wanted below the world.


10- The wall of rips on Isabela isle

Picture retrieved from Galapagos Isles Cruises

At 5 kilometers from Puerto Villamil on Isabela isle on the Galapagos Islands are a historical web site referred to as wall surface of rips. This one got constructed between 1945 and 1959 by prisoners who had been delivered to spend their charges into the island.

The wall surface concerns 25 m highest and is thought to need slain numerous during the building.

People who live in the isle declare that after fog sits immediately, during twilight or at night, there could be weakened lamentations. Other individuals declare that the ghosts of some inmates can be seen on the road causing the website.